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It is increasingly difficult to navigate the vast amount of information available every day. Sifting through the mountain of content it's difficult and tedious. It's a noisy world. Meet the best AI news: Tailor.

First of all: Tailor helps you make sense of the noise in just a few clicks. It's like having your personal content assistant. Tailor creates a unique, curated, selection of what is important for you, every day, based on your interests. Everyone has a unique set of interests and topics they are interested in. Everybody deserves their own personalized podcast, newsletter, and post, every day.

Secondly, anybody has their own specific allotted time to get up to speed during the day. Is your commute 30 minutes? Or 10? Or do you really just have that 3-minute walking distance to your cafe and that's all the time you have in the world? Tailor has you covered. With Tailor, you can define exactly how much time you want to dedicate to getting up to speed with everything happening in the world and in your professional space.

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The AI news revolution is here

Everybody has their own favorite format. Some folks really like video. Some other people like to listen to a lot of audio. In some situations, a very short and to-the-point bullet point list is everything you need. But this is the issue: traditional news does not work that way. In fact, it is static. A podcast will always be audio. A TV broadcast will always be a video. 

Luckily, with Tailor the format does not matter. If you are interested in that long paper but you need to drive, that's fine! Tailor will turn it into a classy podcast. Also consider that the other way around is true, of course. If you don't feel like watching a long video, Tailor will boil it down to a short summary with emojis, just for you.

In conclusion, if you are interested in AI news, Tailor is the right app for you. You can start using it for free now!

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